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On the Planet of Hiroko Hirose

A Japanese artist based in Brussels, Hiroko Hirose exhibits her oil paintings at Galerie 2016. Her paintings are subtle, intriguing and reminiscent of another world outside of the world, dancing under the sign of "Sanga", the title of the exhibition.

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The iformation of Hiroko's exhibition was in a magazine "accrochages".

Mr Genaro Marcos Navas

The Color of Season

Hiroko Hirose has learnt how to express the encounter of color and matiere by growing her sense of classic color tone and her taste of elegant and bright line in her multinational study in Japan, Italy and Germany.

Color and Matiere, The Expression of Nature, The Color of Town and Garden.

I was fascinated by her paintings at first glance. Her abstract paintings were full of delicacy and I found there her thought which was suggestive and sensational.

When I carefully watched her paintings and found out the traces of her work in the multi layer of pigments, I was impressed with them like an archeologist. There is one pigment behind her last touch and another pigment behind it. They are confronted with each other on one occasion and harmonized in another occasion. I feel that her paintings would continue to stir for ever in front of us.

The canvas was ruled by the key color and the transparent form appeared under the opaque spot was finished with her refined line, which provided the painting with much deeper expression. I was aware that all her thought was realized in her work when I found it out.

The mood or feeling of human could be changed during the day. It could be very calm or could be very sophisticated. Such a day or a season could change human sensibility.

The abstract painting looks like a journey to try countless possibility of painting. It is quite important to be the journey which is full of inspiration from the start to the end. The canvases of Hirose fascinate people with surprisingly strong power. It proves the success of this journey.

She is a artist who can realize the colors which she imagines in her mind on her palette and express the color of season.

The article about Galerie ARTisforma of German newspaper Feb. 2004


The paintings of Hiroko Hirose remind me of a sea of clouds seen from a plain.

I can feel that everything on the earth is there, under the clouds, such as the deep sea , the land......

Probably that is the reason why this artist titles her paintings exhibited in Galerie ARTisforma as ≪Trip in the space≫and ≪Floating form≫.

The artist now lives in Brussels. She studied first the graphic and design at Brera National Art Academy in Milan, Italy and later studied the painting at National Art Academy in Düsseldorf, Germany. She was a student of Prof. Karin Rissa in Düsseldorf . She uses lots of colors like her professor and adds her spiritual colors on top as you can see in her paintings of limited cold color on delicate shade.

Her painting changes its expression all the time. It looks light touch like a watercolor painting on one occasion and looks heavy and strong touch on another occasion.

Although you may say that it is your prejudice mentioned for a long time on the history of art, I feel Asian sense in the paintings of Hiroko Hirose, e.g. her drawing in a single stroke . You may see it especially on her work of light green 3 part paintings, titled ≪infinite space≫ .

The art note of Stuttgart


The artist extends the space toward outside and composes multiple phase in her painting. The space is spiritually deep and defined by light.


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